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Evacuated at last

Gaza Strip –

More than 600 have already died while around 3,000 have been wounded by the raging aerial and ground attacks in war-torn Gaza. But after two failed attempts, the International Committee of the Red Cross have now evacuated 250 foreigners that included 17 Filipinos. Still, a number of Filipinos are left in the Hamas-controlled area as Israeli authorities didn’t allow their Palestinian husbands to leave Gaza.

War is such a bitter scenario it should be avoided altogether. As more violence is fueled by greed, innocent lives are wasted. And in this day and age where world leaders are supposedly more politically mature, nations are expected to settle disagreements through diplomatic discussions. Thus, it puzzles me why Israel does not relent despite monolithic opposition from the international community. And what is the agenda of the United States in its continued support of Israel’s vicious actions?



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