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Manually check WordPress comment spam

I have no idea how Akismet detects comments in WordPress as spam but I realized today that it is safer to occasionally  check the spam queue for legitimate comments. Better to spend a few minutes manually checking the spam queue rather than risking to ignore some sensible thoughts shared by your readers.

My apologies to francis orais, pinoyapache, and ariesmangulabnan for overlooking your previous comments as they have been marked as spam.

I also have 4 pingbacks marked as spam but I have no idea how to verify the authenticity. What are pingbacks and how do they work anyway?


One response

  1. I have no idea also that some comment of mine got into the spam queue until you notified me in Cbox. Thank you for visiting my site and also for adding my site in your precious Blogroll space.

    November 19, 2008 at 1:15 pm