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Urgent – Blood Donors Needed

I received this piece of news from Couchsurfing:

My friend, Sheng Tienzo, is in the Intensive Care Unit of Makati Medical Center. She has been continuously bleeding after giving birth to her fourth child. It was her third revival last Saturday. Her condition is critical and we urgently need at least 40 donors of blood per day till the end of this week in order to save her life. She needs plenty of O+ blood, but we can donate any blood type so we could get O+ from the Blood Bank. We are trying to find all the help we can get. Kindly text me if you’re willing to help save a life. My number is 09186091214.

Chai Montero

For full details of this post, kindly visit Benj’s blog in this link. Let us help save a life.


Dear friends,

Our dearest sorority sister and friend, Sheryll Agustin-Tienzo, was continuously bleeding after giving birth to her fourth baby, Isaac, last Saturday. Our hopes were high that she could survive the bleeding and the infection since she was responsive as of Monday night.

Blood donations poured from everyone who has read this post, Benj’s post, Facebook and Multiply posts and text messages that Makati Medical Center had to cease accommodations for Sheng’s donors because the hospital ran out of storage. Her condition was improving despite still being in a critical condition.

But today, at 6:45am, Sheng has passed on. She is now with her Creator, and we only know that she is now in peace.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who responded to this post or texted me. Thanks a lot to Benj for reposting. It is humbling and overwhelming, yet amazing, to know that there are a million kind-hearted souls out there who are willing to share their blood for another.

God bless you all, from me, my sorority sisters, and Sheng’s family.

I was on leave yesterday and had already planned to drop by MMC after accompanying my wife on her check-up with the dermatologist and opthalmologist. But as early as Monday evening, Chai gave me a call and informed me that Sheng’s condition is improving and there was such an influx of blood donors that she’ll just keep me posted in case there would still be a need for blood donors later.

Unfortunately, we received yesterday the saddening text message from Chai that Sheng had already passed away. Let us all pray for Sheng and her family. Thank you and God bless.


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