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Major (or should i say Generals’) blunder

Manila, Philippines –
Until now, the inequality of wealth and the imbalance of power in our country never cease to fascinate me. Just look at how our purported public servants are regularly accorded special treatments to the point of being abusive. Still, its the way nature works to restore equality and balance that is more astonishing.

The recent controversy wherein retired police Director Eliseo dela Paz and his wife were held by Russian Customs authorities at Moscow airport for carrying a questionably large amount of money is one such example. The €105,000 or P6.9 million, they were carrying clearly exceeded the allowable limit of €10,000. Had Mr. dela Paz and company followed airport procedure and declared the money before leaving the country and upon arriving at Moscow, they would have avoided the mess they are in right now.

Did i just say karma?

Oh well, the PNP big bosses are on the move to save their asses, as they always do. And they have less reasons to worry about even if the Napolcom and Ombudsman are set to conduct their formal (meaning, simply for formality) their separate investigations on the case.

But its the Filipino people they owe an explanation to. More so that they’re top-secret contingency fund is believed to be taxpayers’ money. Why were they carrying such a large amount of money? Why was the money not declared? Why do they have such fund after all when Senator Lacson had stated that no item in the contingency fund of the 2008 budget is alloted for travel expenses? Why were their wives part of the trip when it was an official mission? More and more questions waiting for answers.

Will heads roll this time or will this issue again die a natural die just like all the anomalies of the Arroyo administration? Abangan…


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  1. Pio Bote

    What I can say is “this is too much and too blatant” these euro generals have no hearts and concience because it happened amidst the widespread hunger and global economic crisis. What’s more infuriating is they are being defended by their bosses. What the hell is happening in GMA’s government.

    I am an aussie Filipino who is trying to send money to help our economy . I will now think twice of sending more money just to make a revenge to Arroyo’s men in uniform.

    Concern Filipinos, lets unite and fight these corrupt people.


    October 20, 2008 at 4:38 am