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Poverty Reduction – A global problem with local solutions

Credits to Kathe Kollwitz

Credits to Kathe Kollwitz

Poverty is a plague afflicting all nations. It is a state majority of the world’s people can’t seem to get out of. It is an enemy that the world must face together, a global war against a worldwide enigma.

On the local side, alleviating poverty is probably the greatest challenge confronting the Philippines. As financial poverty become more prevalent, more and more people are deprive of access to basic services such as education, health, and even “good governance”.

High inequality in incomes, limited access productive employment opportunities, and government programs that are disguised as pro-poor but when examined carefully eventually favors the rich and powerful are but some of the contributing factors to the worsening poverty in the country. Though the causes of poverty are so diverse, so are the ways to address it. The government should lead the way by initiating truly pro-poor development policies and projects. The poor should also be given more access to basic services espcially quality education and health services. One of the more important move we can take is to eleminate the poverty mindset. No one should settle in being poor. Some things are just matters of choices and sometimes poverty is.

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  1. jan

    i would have posted an entry on poverty had i remembered it yesterday. anyway, as i see it, with the kind of jackass people sitting in our government — saving people from poverty is like wishing on a star.

    October 16, 2008 at 12:43 am