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Executive it really that absolute?

MANILA, Philippines –
While watching late night news this whole week, I continuously felt disappointed and disgusted toward this ever tainted GMA administration. As if it wasn’t enough that taxpayers’ money are constantly being misused, now justice is being twisted big-time.

Convicted murderer Claudio Teehankee Jr. was granted executive clemency and thus regained his freedom before midninght on Friday. This despite having served only 21 years of his sentence of one count of reclusion perpetua and one count of reclusion temporal which should have been up to 60 years of imprisonment. He was sentenced to jail for the near fatal shooting of Jussi Olavi Leino and the deaths of Maureen Hultman and Roland John Chapman.

Adding insult to injury, the extremely unpopular Justice secretary Raul Gonzalez is again at his wits defending the move and brushing aside every criticism from the Makati Business Club and even the parents of Maureen Hultman.

Our leaders are definitely sending wrong signals to lawbreakers. Does having money, power, and the right connections indeed make someone above the law?


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